Student Broadcasting Team

Bering Strait School District
April 26th, 2010

2010 State Native Youth Olympics

Governor Sean Parnell Comments on NYO

Saturday Intro Video

Mayor Sullivan Comments on NYO

Olympic Snowboarder Callan Cythlook-Sifsof

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Alaska Governor Sean Parnell – Comments on NYO

Anchorage Mayor Sullivan – Comments on NYO

Alice Strick

Beverly Nakarak

Callan Cythlook-Sifsof

Gregory Nothstine Tungwenuk

Corey Olympic

Jaylen Prince

Josephine Daniels

Kathy Olsen

Tyler Oquilluk

Max Francher

Janice Homekingkeo – Saturday Intro Video

Janice Homekingkeo – Friday Welcome Video

Apaay Campbell – Kneel Jump

Chad Klingeekuk – Kneel Jump

Roberta Charles – One Arm Reach

Stuart Towarak – One Foot High Kick

Tashina Esparza – Wrist Carry

Vinny Tomalonis – Indian Stick Pull

Picture Gallery

Thursday, April 22, 2010

9:30 am

Opening Ceremonies,

Grand Entry of Teams,

National Anthem,

Prayer & Welcome

10:30 am

Kneel Jump & Awards

11:30 am

Interactive Demonstration of
other Native Games

1:00 pm

Wrist Carry & Awards

3:30 pm

Alaskan High Kick & Awards

Friday, April 23, 2010

8:00 am

Coaches Meeting

9:00 am

Eskimo Stick Pull & Awards

11:30 am

Alaskan Native Performance

12:30 am

Toe Kick & Awards

2:30 pm

One Hand Reach & Awards

4:30 pm

Two Foot High Kick & Awards

Saturday, April 24, 2010

9:00 am

Indian Stick Pull & Awards

11:30 am

Celebration of High School and GED Graduates

12:30 pm

One Foot High Kick & Awards

3:00 pm

Seal Hop & Awards

5:00 pm

Closing Ceremonies