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2011 State Native Youth Olympics Interviews

Saturday, April 30th, 2011


Monday, February 4th, 2008

Over the next few weeks, the bulk of the SBT will be focused on the IditaProject.  The IditaProject is simply a name that we put on our big Iditarod based project.  To make this project successful we need as many SBT’ers as possible helping out at their sites.  If you are on the Iditarod trail, then you can shoot field video, take pictures, do interviews, and provide in depth coverage of what the Iditarod is like at your site.  If you are not on the Iditarod trail, but would still like to help, there is plenty of opportunity for that as well.  We need help managing, editing, and processing all of the content that we will be gathering.  We also need moderators for the IditaProject Forum.

This project provides one of the biggest authentic audiences  for our team.  People all over the world will be watching the Iditarod, and we will be the only ones providing in depth coverage in many of the checkpoints.  The is a huge learning opportunity for us.  Post to this blog, comment to this blog, and let’s get the ball rolling!