Student Broadcasting Team

Bering Strait School District
January 9th, 2009

Korean Tae Kwon Do Team Visits Nome

The Korean National Tae Kwon Do Team has arrived in The Strait.  From January 8th through the 10th they will be visiting schools in Nome and performing at the recreation center along with other martial arts experts from Anchorage.  The Student Broadcasting Team has done their best to provide ample coverage of these events for all to see.  Scroll down to see video from all three days.

Pictures from all days are available at the BSSD Gallery.


Student Broadcasters Kinik Nakak, Jonisha Wilson, Korbin Storms pose with teacher Damon Hargraves and the Korean Tae Kwon Do experts.










December 14th, 2008

Pt. Hope & Golovin Fight for the Championship Title

December 14th, 2008

Unalakleet & Newhalen Fight for Third Place

April 24th, 2008

NYO State Games

Games Statistics & Pictures

The BSSD Student Broadcasting Team will be covering the Native Youth Olympics State Games in Anchoarage. Click the button above to view the live broadcast. The broadcast is also available via VTC at all BSSD schools.

Schedule of Events:

Saturday, April 26th
8am: Coaches Meeting
9am: Indian Stick Pull & Awards
11:30am: Celebration of High School and GED Graduates
12:30pm: One Foot High Kick & Awards
3pm: Seal Hop & Awards
5pm: Closing Ceremonies

Josephine Daniels, athlete from Golovin
Phillip Blanchett, NYO judge and former participant
Willa Eckenweiler, Bering Strait coach
Jenny Alowa, Anchorage coach
Sam Strange, NYO head judge
Philip Dunne, Alakanuk coach
John Herman, athlete from Bethel
Marjorie Tahbone, former NYO participant
“Big Bob” Aiken, Barrow coach
Becca Haveland, athlete from Bering Strait School District
Lucinda Ivanoff, athlete from Bering Strait School District
Joel Towarak, athlete from Bering Strait School District

Coverage of the 2008 NYO State Games is produced, and delivered by
six BSSD Student Broadcasting Team members:

Corrina Odinzoff – Stebbins
Deyonne Milligrock – Stebbins
Jonisha Wilson – Unalakleet
Renatta Olsen – Golovin
Michelle Ningeulook- Golovin
Alice Amaktoolik – Golovin

April 18th, 2008

NYO Regionals in Shishmaref


The BSSD Student Broadcasting Team will be covering the Native Youth Olympics Regional Tournament in Shishmaref. Click the button above to view the live broadcast. The broadcast is also available via VTC at all BSSD schools.

Individual Results (Boys/Girls):

ALASKAN HIGH KISK (Joel Towarak UNK/ Giaana Eckenweiler UNK)
TOE KICK (Gus Niksik SMK/ Beverly Nakarak ELM)
KNEEL JUMP (Andrew Kunayak GAM/ Darcie Kingeekuk SVA)
INDIAN STICK PULL (Bart Jackson ELM/ Josephine Daniels GLV)
WRIST CARRY (Troy Lockwood UNK/ Tashina Esparza GLV)

Team Results Boys/Girls:

Elim 20/22
Gambell 12/2
Golovin 0/57
Koyuk 0/16
Savoonga 6/40
Shaktoolik 8/0
Shishmaref 65/4
St. Michael 29/0
Stebbins 50/14
Unalakleet 78/120
Wales 0/1
White Mountain 10/10


Austen Erickson, Unalakleet athlete

Becky Atchak, Stebbins coach

Laura Davis, KNOM reporter

Mary Huntington, Shishmaref coach

Michelle Ningeulook, Golovin athlete






March 21st, 2008

2008 State Basketball


Posted by Billi Miller, Teller

We have been here in Anchorage broadcasting since Sunday the 16th up until Friday the 21st. Throughout the whole time we’ve been here, we have been broadcasting, interviewing players and important people, and taking action photos.

Here are a few of the interviews we have done:

Interview with Bart Jackson by Victoria Sinnok

Interview with Jefferickson by Billi Miller

Interview with Oscar Takak_by Billi Miller

Interview with Rebecca Haviland by Joanne Anderson

Interview with Stephanie Lincoln_and Katya Wassillie_by Billi Miller

February 21st, 2008

BSSD Students Interviewed

Spirit of YouthLast Fall students from around the district attended the Alaska Association of School Administrator’s Conference in Anchorage. An article was written about the experience, but we just found out that there was a story done about us on the radio. Lorrena Katcheak from Stebbins, Billi Miller from Teller, Kinik Nakak from St. Michael, and Hunter Dill, Mia Concilus and Austen Erickson from Unalakleet were picked for this trip because of their experience with BSSD’s technology programs, though not all of these studnets are featured in the interview.

Click the play button below to hear this radio segment that was aired across Alaska. More information about Spirit of Youth can be found on their website.

February 4th, 2008


Over the next few weeks, the bulk of the SBT will be focused on the IditaProject.  The IditaProject is simply a name that we put on our big Iditarod based project.  To make this project successful we need as many SBT’ers as possible helping out at their sites.  If you are on the Iditarod trail, then you can shoot field video, take pictures, do interviews, and provide in depth coverage of what the Iditarod is like at your site.  If you are not on the Iditarod trail, but would still like to help, there is plenty of opportunity for that as well.  We need help managing, editing, and processing all of the content that we will be gathering.  We also need moderators for the IditaProject Forum.

This project provides one of the biggest authentic audiences  for our team.  People all over the world will be watching the Iditarod, and we will be the only ones providing in depth coverage in many of the checkpoints.  The is a huge learning opportunity for us.  Post to this blog, comment to this blog, and let’s get the ball rolling!

March 31st, 2007

Iditarod 2007 in Unalakleet


By Corrina Odinzoff, Student, Stebbins

Your Stebbins Student Broadcasting Team (SBT) has gone to UNK to film and interview the Iditarod Mushers. The students that participated in coming to UNK were Kenny Pete, George Flynn, Deyonne Milligrock, Corrina Odinzoff, and Keasha Steve. The two teachers/chaperones were Damon and Heidi Hargraves.


By Kenny Pete, Student, Stebbins

Last night when the Stebbins Student Broadcasting Team arrived in Unalakleet, we immediately came to the checkpoint to see the mushers and their dogs. We learned Susan Butcher’s daughter, Tekla Butcher, is this year’s honorary musher. While I was out there checking out the dogs, I had a chance to take some very nice pictures of the mushers and their dogs. I also got a picture of the honorary musher, Tekla Butcher. Tekla has a dog team of her own that she runs from Eureka, her home town, to Nome. Currently, we are waiting for more mushers to come in so that we can interview them.



By Deyonne Milligrock, Student, Stebbins

The weather here in Unalakleet is gorgeous and calm, so far. Although it looks beautiful, it is very cold and chilly. There are no clouds in the sky and you can clearly see the mountains this morning. A lot of the mushers were able to come and pass by without facing a storm.


Local correspondent Keasha Steve interviews Iditarod veterinarian, Belenda Abbatt, about the challenges and daily life of a vet on the Iditarod trail.


Corrina Odinzoff interviews Iditarod Musher Hernan Maquiera at the Unalakleet checkpoint.


Here is Kenny Pete interviewing Iditarod musher Bryan Mills.